Loud Proud and Wrong (?)

My son calls out-isms when he sees them. Sometimes he's wrong but insistent. At first, this worried me. He was so loud about it,"That's -ist!" Always sounded louder than anything else he said.

But, If you're always right you're not learning. I had to take my feelings out of it, all they were just in the way. Parenting has forced me to question why I'm embarrassed enough for me to do it automatically.

How I react to him being wrong will have a huge effect on his willingness to make mistakes.

When I think he is wrong ...

maybe he isn't wrong.

I ask him how he came to that conclusion.  

I don't know everything, and I need to respect his thought process enough to find out before I dismiss it as wrong.

I agree or disagree and explain why.   If he made any points that stood out to me, I point them out  

Usually, he considers what I had to say and responds but until he wants to keep the conversation going I drop it.  

It's not my job or my desire to force him to agree. We can disagree and still enjoy whatever was happening. Still respect each other so long as respect was given.