The Key to Raising a Reader

At this point, I am sure my son is "a reader." He actively searches for books to read and recently we did a recap of the 26 books  he has read this year. I am not an expert, but I have learned a lot since we started our literacy journey.

When I set off on my mission, my son hated reading and utterly refused to do it. I read a lot of articles about how to encourage literacy most suggested reading to your child which I did find very helpful, and others suggested having a lot of books in your home which I also found helpful but watch out for library fines. After some thought, I think I have identified the critical step to raising a reader.

The Key: Show, Don't Tell

Read together time made all the difference when we made the transition to my son reading on his own. We spent time reading side by side. Being able to share the thrill of finding a new book in a local bookstore with my son caught his attention. Trips to the bookstore are adventures, reading is quality time.

I don't read books as much as I would like because of life, but I do make space in my schedule to read articles, poems, and short stories. I often find that when I settle in to read, so does he. So the key to getting your reluctant reader to read is to let him see you reading. Show, Don't Tell.