The 11th Habit of Highly Successful Single Mom's

I just read 10 Habits of Highly Successful Single Mom's on The Single Mothers Revenge. Honestly the post is canonical. It is written gently and with humor but doesn't skip on the hard stuff. Number 3 is figuring out how you got where you are and doing the inner work so you can move forward. It covers a whole lot, from intentional parenting to finances, she lays a solid foundation for success. She touched on some things multiple time, like finances and mindset. This is not repetitive. She hits it from different angles because those are the things that will make or break you. Most of the 10 have the underlying theme of time management. She actually ends with the quote I was thinking about as I read Number 9.

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." -Aristotle

I meditate on this quote because it really is the corner stone for successful. It also leads me to my 11th Habit:

11. Cultivate Joy in yourself and in your home:  There is no success without joy so be sure to sprinkle your every day life with it. There are a million ways that you can bring joy into your daily life without throwing money and time out the window. Taking the time to fill you home with joy and peace goes a long way because it is your base. For me this practice is also a reminder that I am making all the decisions so I can make it exactly as a want it. Being the only adult can be a sword that cuts both ways so it is important to focus on the freedom it brings.  There can be a whole lot of beauty and joy in the daily life of a single mom and it doesn't have to cost your family's future or depend on other people, it's a matter CENTERING and DOING.  

Read the 10 Habits of Highly Successful Single Mom's

3 Quick Ways to Cultivate Joy

1. Music

We use Soundcloud and Spotify because they are free. I love both, check out the SoulCoffee playlist on Spotify to get started.

2. Quick Board Games

I hate Monopoly because it takes forever, I need games that go much faster. We are fans of Uno and just about anything from Ikea. We can play multiple rounds if we have time so I still fit in other responsibilities.

3. Steal A Moment or Two

Small joys. I remember being obsessed with my Friday night baths when my son was an infant. I also kept a bar of chocolate in the kitchen just in case a long bath wasn't possible. I have been intentional about letting him know that I need alone time ever since, the more I find ways to include him in other things I do the easier it is for him to let me have my moments.

Check out my post, Along for the Ride, on how we divide our time.