Happy Father Figure Day

my son loves Khabrim like they are bound by blood. Since the second year we meet my son has insisted on celebrating Father's Day with him. Khabrim is not is father or his step father, we aren't even in a relationship so I can't help but wonder what it's like for him to have my son insist on a gift for him. 

happy father figure day. Brunch and words of acknowledgement for a man who is not only there but shows a lot of thoughtfulness and compassion.  

it's not easy to let someone in and to my suprise my son's love for him doesn't make it easier. there are horror stories and I have read too many.  times are changing but public opinion tends to be hard on (single) mother's when things go wrong. We should make decisions with the wisdom of hindsight apparently especially when it comes to relationships because we are always seconds away from be portrayed as desperate for love: the most toxic accusation of them all. 

it's all gotten to me so I'm not just mindful and intentional I'm down right suspicious. I am learning slowly to trust and let myself feel joy and gratefulness for their friendship. I can't imagine it's easy to be a such a beloved father figure but at this point I have to trust he is up for the challenge. I am a big advocate of single mothers having high expectations for the men in their lives and this Father's Day tested my ability to walk the walk. Part of high expectations is staying calm when someone exceeds them in healthy ways, otherwise do i really feel i deserve  what I set as the expectations (which, to clarify is the BASE). 

cheers to all the father figures , the kids that love them and the nonwife mommas bravely navigating.