2015 in Pictures

2015, my first full year in Chicago has been full of blessings and joy. Last night I pulled out some of the images I took this year. Looking back at all these pictures reminded me just how much happened this year. It is easy to forget all the progress and beauty the year brought. 

This year we where all over the city of Chicago attending event, roaming museums, eating good food and building a community. 

We traveled to Bloomington IN, Madison WI, Washington D.C. and New York City. Each trip was full of friendship, laughter, and love. 

We walked confidently (most of the time) as homeschoolers and experienced tremendous academic and personal growth.

Three beautiful new babies where born in my village.

I made decisions with confidence and approached the world around me with excitement, humility and hope; it rewarded me with love, beauty and joy. 

I cannot wait to see what the last few days of this year will bring and I have high expectations for 2016.